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Overview of membership

About purchase of membership (co-ownership)

  • The Membership System Hotel Yufuin Club is an owner member (corporate / individual) who owns (registers) a co-ownership interest (membership), a person who is introduced by the owner member (mate member, etc.), and a partially approved agent. This is a membership hotel where you can use the store.

    The owner is the owner who jointly owns (registers) the following land, buildings, etc. (co-ownership interests).The registered members of this website are not owner members.
    The owner owns one or more of the following land, buildings, etc. divided into 1,500 units, and shares and operates the land, buildings, etc. as a membership hotel.

Property to be divided into 1,500


Location2952 Sugita, Oita Kawakami, Yufuin -cho, Oita-gun, Oita Prefecture 25-1 and 3 other brushes
Registered area6,191.90㎡


LocationIn the above land
ConstructionReinforced concrete construction
scale1st basement floor, 4th floor above ground
Building area3,814.30㎡
Total floor area9760.72㎡

All facilities, furniture, furniture and fixtures attached to the above land and buildings

Purchase costs

Base price((land)125,000 yen
Base price((Property)137,500 yen((Tax included)
Expenses((Registration fee) 55,000 yen((Tax included)
Expenses((Repair reserve fund)100,000 yen
Expenses((Facility use deposit)100,000 yen
Registration fee 48,000 yen (approximate) Direct payment to the judicial scrivener office
Office communication fee  1,650 yen((Tax included)
Revenue stamp    600 JPY
the amount((Initial cost)In the case of one unit 570,000 yen((Approximate) 
900,000 yen for 2 units((Approximate) 
*Separate real estate acquisition tax
OtherIf you are a corporate member, we recommend "2 or more"!  For more information, click on the "2 or more" tab below!

Continuous costs((Per mouth)

Annual fee((Management fee)10,000 yen
Annual fee((Repair reserve fund)26,500 yen
Total((Annual amount)36,500 yen ((New membership purchasers will be billed monthly only for the first year)
Property tax((Yearly) About 7,000 yen ((Tax payment directly to Yufu City Hall)

Member benefits((Per mouth)

Free accommodation voucher① We will issue 6 tickets per year (1 ticket free of charge for up to 4 people per room)
*Some terms and conditions apply
② From FY 2024
③If you join in the middle of the term, you will be prorated on a monthly basis.
Hotel PriceIt can be used (reservation required) at the owner (member) fee.
OtherWe will issue accommodation vouchers (charged) for the Kirishima Onsen Society (membership hotel) in Kagoshima Prefecture.